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Terms of Service:

Service Description: Lake Breeze Mobile Wash offers a basic vehicle cleaning service that includes a rinse-free hand wash fortified with ceramic protection, a wheel wipe-down, and a tire shine. Our Wash+ and Mini Detail Service offer basic interior services. These services DO NOT constitute a full, comprehensive detail. True Detailing packages are tailored to the needs of your vehicle and range from $100 up to $400, and in some cases, even up to $2000. These services are not based upon the needs of your vehicle from a professional's perspective, but are rather tailored to fit your budget and convenience requirements, ensuring fast availability, quick turnaround, and affordability. Our service is designed for customers who seek a convenient, time-saving, and affordable car wash option. If you desire a more comprehensive service and are willing to spend more and wait a few days, please let us know, and we will guide you accordingly.

Setting Expectations: Please understand that our service is a basic wash, not a comprehensive exterior detail. Our basic wash offers superior quality compared to a typical drive-thru car wash but falls short of the thoroughness found in a $70 to $100+ wash and detail service. Our wash is ideal for those who clean their vehicles at least once every 3 to 6 weeks. Our rinse-free wash uses a specially formulated solution with surfactants, lubricants, and polymers to safely lift and remove dirt and grime without the need for large amounts of water. This eco-friendly process is safe for most vehicle surfaces when using quality microfiber towels and the proper technique. Please note that heavily soiled vehicles or those with caked-on mud may require a more aggressive cleaning method. We do not use high-pressure water or clean/dress wheel wells. We perform light bug prep, but baked-on bugs may not be fully removed. Exterior vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces may require additional treatment or dressing to enhance their appearance after a basic wash. Our hand-drying process with a ceramic spray protection acts as a filler and light polish, ensuring your paint looks far superior to results from a traditional drive-thru quick wash.

Grill Guards: Grill guards are typically characterized by a flat, non-glossy appearance, often without a black clear coat. These guards, typically made from materials like mesh or diamond plate, can pose a cleaning challenge due to their non-glossy surface and the absence of pressurized water. Therefore, the appearance of most grill guards following our rinse-free ceramic wash service may be rated as average at best.

Interior Services: The Wash Plus and Mini Detail offer BASIC interior services, including vacuuming. The Mini Detail is more thorough in terms of area coverage but does not put extra time into each area to remove more ground-in dirt. If your vehicle is heavily soiled or has woven-in hair, grass, leaves, etc., then we will likely still perform the service. However, if you expect a comprehensive detail, you may want to call us and let us know. "Dust N Dress" is a term for lightly dusting the surfaces with a damp rag, moistened with a water-based UV Protectant Dressing. We do not scrub or deeply clean. If your hard surfaces need more than a light dusting or if they are heavily soiled, extremely dusty, or sticky/grimy, we may opt not to perform this service, or you may be dissatisfied if your expectations are not in line with what this service can provide.

Prepayment: Prepayment is OFTEN required for all WASH services to ensure fast and efficient scheduling. Please follow the payment link provided upon booking your appointment. Wash PLUS and Mini Detail Service DO NOT require prepayment.

Satisfaction Progression Guarantee: At Lake Breeze Mobile Wash, we are dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable services as swiftly as possible. We take pride in our fast turnaround times and convenient scheduling process. However, we understand that our basic package may not meet all expectations due to its nature and affordability. That's why we offer our Satisfaction Progression Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our basic service, it's an indication that you might require a higher level of service. To help bridge that gap, we will offer you a substantial discount on our next tier of service, either with us or with Pristine Clean Mobile Details (our brother company). This ensures we can match your requirements more closely without breaking the bank. Our goal is to make you happy and provide the right solution for your needs. Please note that this offer is meant to better serve you and cannot be used as a refund or reimbursement for the basic service already provided. We value your business and are committed to your satisfaction. Let us continue to serve you better, because at Lake Breeze, your happiness is our success.

By using our services, you agree to these terms of service.

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